What is the new estimate fee?

We now charge a $110/per unit estimate and check out fee at our discretion.
Cash Customers are required to pay this at time of drop off.
Net Accounts will be charged as usual.
Cash Customers who request a repair, calibration or certification will have the initial $110 fee applied to the unit's service.
Items marked NETR (Not Economical To Repair), or any unit "red tagged", will incur a $75 fee. If this was paid at time of drop off, there will be no additional fee.
This fee is to insure our technicians are paid for their services.
This fee is nonrefundable.

What’s your return policy?

No returns will be accepted after 15 calendar days.
Special Orders may or may not be returned; ask Sales Associate before placing order.
Returnable items must be unopened, unused, undamaged, and with all accessories in the original box and/or packaging.
A 30% restocking fee will apply. This fee is per item plus sales tax and any shipping fees incurred.
Shipping charges from factory or manufacturer are nonrefundable.

What if I want my equipment sooner?

Our work load is queued. That means first come first served. If you want a job done faster, please see our Rush Fees section.

What are your rush fees?
(See Policy for complete Rush Fee information)

All rush fees are in addition to normal services rendered, are per item, pass or fail, non-refundable and non discounted. The turn around means you will receive your equipment anytime within your chosen hour excluding non Working-Days.
Rush-Services are a follows:
24 hr turn around $250.00/per unit
48 hr turn around $150.00/per unit
72 hr turn around $75.00/per unit
**The Rush Service is valid only at time of request.**

Can I make an appointment for service?

We do not take appointments. Bringing in your equipment as soon as you know it needs to be serviced is the best way for timely service.

Do I need a R.M.A. (Return Material Authorization) to send in equipment?

No. We do require a Equipment Check In Form. Not including this form may result in significant delays.

Do you hold training classes for locators?

Upon request, customers who purchase locators from Saltronix, Inc. enjoy the added benefit of a basic training session upon pickup.
We do not provide onsite training nor do we provide certification courses.

Can I pickup equipment and provide a P.O. later?


Do you have onsite service?

All our services are provided in house. This is due to the fact that there is a controlled environment in a laboratory resulting in better accuracy and a tighter calibration.

Why didn't you contact me when my equipment was ready?

If your equipment was ready for pickup, customer contact was attempted. We try up to three times to contact you. At times a message will be left with someone in your office which we trust will be delivered to you. Voicemails are commonly left, but many do not check. If you are expecting equipment, please listen to your voicemail.
We cannot be held responsible if your number changes and you do not update that information with us. Should your company be bought out by another, please do not assume we have this new information. Contact us to update the company information in our system.

My equipment was just serviced and is not working?

Oh no! We are so sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we may see how best to assist you!
We will need you to bring the unit back so that we can do a detailed analysis and address the issue.

I lost my certification papers, or they were never given to me. Can I get new ones?

Certification papers are given to the pickup person unless no certification was requested at time of check in.
Upon pickup, please double check that any requested certification papers are present.
Any reprints are done for a nominal fee of $12.50 per reprint. They can be sent via email after payment is received.

Why did my unit get returned without Certification Papers?

You must request "Certification" when detailing your services. A calibration does not include certification papers.
Calibration services are just to bring the unit up to factory specifications.
Certification services include papers as proof of calibration and, at times, data is stored in our systems.

Do you rent equipment?

No. We are strictly a service center.

Do you sell parts?

We do not sell component level repair parts.
Some basic replacement and accessory parts may be available upon request.
e.g. fuse, battery, test leads, latches, etc.

Why were my accessories not replaced or repaired?

You must request this service at time of drop off.
In the past, we would happily return the units along with accessories almost as if just purchased from the manufacturer. However, some customers did not appreciate this service and complained. This variance in the customers' needs required an adjustment in our standard operating procedure.
We are more than happy to provide you this service so long as we are informed of your needs.

Do you offer N.I.S.T. traceable certifications?

We do offer this on most units. However, some units (e.g. auto levels, theodolites, total stations, etc.) can only have a conformance test done at our calibration lab. We do not have the standards for these types of equipment. We are able to send these off for you.