Equipment Check In Process

Fill in the Service Request Form
  • Contact Information
  • Accurate Manufacturer and Model Numbers
  • Serial Numbers (if unable to find leave blank; manufacturer's number only)
  • Indicate which service(s) per instrument
  • Rush Services must be discussed with staff before completion
  • If insurance is requested, notate an exact dollar amount
  • Sign and Print name

Need to ship it?

Follow the directions for the Check In Process
* If insurance is requested, notate an exact dollar amount.
Ship to: Saltronix, Inc.
114 N Washington Ave
Odessa, TX 79761

Ready for Pickup

You will be contacted via phone or email
  • 3 attempts will be made
  • check voicemail for ready for pickup notice
  • emails will be sent if email is on file
We cannot be held responsible if you neglect to notify us of number change.


Estimate requests can be submitted via email, phone or in person. These are an estimation of costs not the total amount due.

Please pickup your equipment

We are not equipped to store equipment for extended periods of time. After 90 days of no pickup, the instruments are considered abandoned property and will be confiscated by Saltronix, Inc. and left to their discretion.
So please retrieve your items in a timely manner once notified it is ready. We appreciate your cooperation!